Sunday, 13 November 2016

The first results

  A few instructions on how to use the cameras, a discussion on composition and here are some examples of what the children have produced in their first week.

This is a very exciting start to the project.  The biggest challenge is finding time for photography in their incredibly busy day.  Every minute from the 4:30am rising until the 10pm bed time is scheduled and totally organised.   


  1. 4:30 till 10!!!!
    I feel ill!
    Good pics.

  2. Nice photos! Kind of neat to see photos taken from a child's perspective. They sure have a long day of activities.

  3. These are great. They are off to a good start. That is quite a long day!

  4. Wow - 4:30am rising until the 10pm! Quite a day!

    Great set of photo's here - loved the smile on the faces, and the movement in their dress.

    All the best Jan