Monday, 28 November 2016

It's a wee bit chilly

Icy hands are placed on my arm to prove just how cold the children are.  My comparatively hot skin is an amusing novelty to them.   Temperatures in the low to mid 20's (celsius) I find rather pleasant and not at all cold.  By midday the mercury climbs back up to the low 30's to the relief of the children.  I'm looking for cool shady spots of course.  Comparing their winter with winter in London is a fun challenge.  "It's colder than inside your fridge" I tell them. They can't comprehend anything that cold.


  1. A look out of my window will show them cold!
    The field is white with frost. Explain that!

  2. What a cute photo this is! And, I can certainly relate to how he feels. I was cold the whole time I was in London in late September and early October and as I walked down the street in my coat and scarf, I'd see everyone else enjoying the sunshine in shirtsleeves. It's turned to winter temperatures (high around 17c) here in Phoenix this week so I'm back in that coat and scarf.

  3. It's interesting how we all adapt to the different temps. After living in Alaska for 10 years and experiencing -50 degrees even -20 felt warm, warm enough to go out in just a shirt on. I feel bad for this boy because I know he is cold. Those temps wouldn't even register on the cold meter. :)
    A very nice image!

  4. Another great photo.
    We are at -1 tonight, to me that's definitely Brrr !

    Take care

    All the best Jan